Guided Implant Surgery

Implants Without Surgery and Stitches

Implants Without Surgery and Stitches

​Placing implants without invasive surgery is now a possibility. This is all thanks to our advanced onsite CT technology, which simplifies placing dental implants, without incisions or awkward surgeries. It allows our surgeons to perform what is known as 'guided surgery' which is minimally invasive, and has been virtually planned beforehand.  It is essentially a bloodless surgery, as no incision or gum flap detachment is necessary.  This method allows for faster healing and minimal discomfort for our patients.

  • Minimally invasive, guided surgery with advanced dental implantology using our onsite 3d CT scanner.
  • We are a dental clinic that specialises in dental Implantology and we have over 25 years’ experience in this field.
  • Reduction in treatment time...faster, but with the same reliability of conventional implant surgery.

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