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Our Approach

Our Approach

Dr. Dalla Rosa, Dr. Pacino and Dr. Viscioni strive to optimise patients’ oral health in ways that surpass traditional dentistry.  Our mission is to promote oral wellness through establishing partnership with patients based on honesty and mutual respect. We care for each of our patients as individuals with unique dental needs. We strive to educate our patients so that they can become active participants in maintaining their oral health.

The team here at Maxillo endeavour to meet and exceed our patient's expectations; we are dedicated to helping patients enhance their health, confidence and appearance.  We are experienced and very sympathetic in dealing with all sorts of patient anxieties.

As new therapies and treatments are introduced, we’re among the first dental health professionals to put them into practice. Our approach is progressive yet our committed team strives to provide patient-centred dental treatment within a friendly, welcoming and caring environment. We provide a full service of quality, tailored and modern treatment options and maintain strict sterilization and cross-contamination processes.

Maxillo’s Advanced Technologies

Maxillo’s Advanced Technologies Maxillo’s Advanced Technologies

Cone Beam CT Technology

One of the most important and exciting developments in dental diagnostic technology over the past 10 years, has been the introduction of 3D dental imaging.


When treating patients, 3D dentistry gives dentists a far superior view of what they are diagnosing and allows them to effectively decide the next step towards better treatment and therapy options. Our dentists use a cone-beam computed tomography machine that provide a 3-dimensional interpretation of a patient’s mouth compared to the traditional 2D views, with conventional x-rays.

  • More Proficient… It allows the dentist to see the entire mouth and look at sagittal views of the bone.
  • More Precise…It gives a meticulous view of how teeth align and where they sit in relation to each other.
  • More In-Depth than Traditional Views…It provides greater detail and allows the dentist to visualise the mouth in its entirety. Enables the dentist to plan what needs to be improved or where the best bone is for implant positioning, with the most successful outcomes.

Panoramic X-Ray

A panoramic x-ray, also known as a panorex or simply an OPG, is a two-dimensional (2-D) dental x-ray that captures a full view of the entire mouth in a single image. This includes the upper and lower jaws, teeth, temporomandibular joints (TMJs), sinuses and the surrounding structures and tissues.


These films have several uses. They are versatile and used regularly for orthodontic assessments, diagnosis of wisdom teeth impaction, advanced periodontal disease, assessment of the jaw joint, as well as for detecting signs of oral cancer.

  • Assess patients with an extreme gag reflex.
  • Evaluate the progression of TMJ.
  • Expose cysts and abnormalities.
  • Expose impacted teeth.
  • Expose jawbone fractures.
  • Plan treatment (full and partial dentures, braces and implants).
  • Reveal gum disease and cavities.

Cephalometric X-ray,

A cephalometric x-ray, which is also sometimes referred to simply as a Ceph, is a diagnostic radiograph used primarily for orthodontic treatment planning. It is a unique tool, which enables the dentist to capture a complete radiographic image of the side profile of the face. It is taken during the initial orthodontic records appointment. Having a cephalometric x-ray taken is very similar to having a panoramic x-ray taken.


Like other types of cephalometric x-rays, the lateral cephalometric x-ray is very helpful in dental and orthodontic treatment planning. It can be used in many stages of treatment to determine what is the next best stage.

  • Provides views of the side profile of the face.
  • Provides views of the jaw in relation to the cheekbone.
  • Provides information about “bad bites” or malocclusions.
  • Allows measurement of the teeth.
  • Identifies fractures and other injuries to the teeth and jawbone.
  • Assists in orthodontic planning.

Our Dentists

Our Dentists

Dr. Sebastiano Antonio Pacino

MSc, BDS UCV, BDS UGR, BDS UniRMSa Dental Surgeon

I graduated from the University of Venezuela in 1994, Upon moving to Spain and Italy, my initial degree was validated at the University of Granada, and consequently at the University of Rome. Subsequently, I have obtained MSc in Orthodontic Clinic Multidisciplinary (2007-2008) and MSc in Endodontics (2010-2011).

 I am a well-known and well-respected dentist in my home country of Italy, my primary dental practice being located in Catania. I have also earned an excellent international reputation in general dentistry and implantology. My interest focuses on orthodontics and general dentistry. As well as working in my busy Catania clinic, I also work in one privately owned clinics in Catania as a specialist in dental surgery, and have collaborated with eminent Italians-based dentists.  Currently, I divide my time between Sicily, North Italy and Cuba. 

Dr Juliana Catherina Dalla Rosa

MSc (UniFI), MSc (UCV), BDS (Unife), BDS (UCV) Dental Surgeon

I graduated from the University of Venezuela in 1987, and subsequently obtained an MSc in periodontics in 1990. Upon moving to Italy, my initial degree was validated at the University of Ferrara, and I obtained Italian citizenship. I am a well-known and well-respected dentist in my home country of Italy, my primary dental practice being located in Venice.

I have also earned an excellent international reputation in periodontology and implantology, with over 20 years of clinical experience. Indeed, I was the first dentist to perform frozen bone grafting in Ireland. My research interest focuses on bone-grafting, and I am currently co-writing an article on frozen bone grafting for a peer-reviewed publication. As well as working in my busy Venice clinic, I also work in two privately owned clinics in Dublin as a specialist in dental surgery and periodontics, and have collaborated with eminent Irish-based dentists. My new surgery Maxillo, located in Dundalk, is a centre of excellence for dental implants, using the most advanced technology in dentistry today. Currently, I divide my time between Ireland and Venice, where I live with my husband, two children and a small menagerie of animals.


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Fabulous friendly service, can't praise them enough, would highly recommend Juliana and the team to anyone

Grainne Smartt

The best clinic

Ramune Voitukovic

Thank you so much for the excellent treatment my daughter Patricia received at your Dental Practice.
Patricia was very scared of dentists due to a difficult time when she was younger.
She had major work carried out and we found the whole team treated her with respect, kindness and great care.
We would highly recommend your treatments and thank you for all your attention

Breda O'Sullivan

My teeth began to fell loose and move. I went to my local dentist who cleaned them and filled two of them. About two weeks later the two filled teeth fell out. I decided to get another opinion.

Having found Maxillo online it looked very professional so I decided to check it out.

From the moment I went into the reception I just knew they were on their game. This really was a new experience in dentistry for me. From just speaking with the reception staff to meeting my surgeon I had complete confidence in them.

I am thrilled with my new teeth and I would highly recommend your clinic to anybody. Terrific result.


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